aaliyah I Care 4 U I Care 4 U


10 Dec 2002

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Are You That Somebody
We Need a Resolution
Try Again
Rock the Boat
One in a Million
More Than a Woman
Missing you
Miss You
If Your Girl Only Knew
I Care 4 U
four page letter
Erica Kane
Don’t Know What to Tell Ya
Don't Know What To Tell Ya
Come Over (Feat. Tank)
Come Over
Back and Forth
At Your Best
Are You That Somebody?
All I Need

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aaliyah – miss you miss you


29 Apr 2003

aaliyah – Aaliyah Aaliyah


17 Jul 2001

aaliyah – Try Again Try Again


10 Jul 2000

aaliyah – One In A Million One In A Million


27 Aug 1996

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