das efx Hold it down Hold it down

das efx

26 Sep 1995

das efx Hold it down Ringtones!

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Represent The Real
Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
Real Hip-Hop (Original Version)
Knockin' Niggaz Off

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das efx – How We Do How We Do

das efx

30 Nov 2002

das efx – The Very Best of Das EFX The Very Best of Das EFX

das efx

3 Jul 2001

das efx – Generation EFX Generation EFX

das efx

24 Mar 1998

das efx – Straight Up Sewaside Straight Up Sewaside

das efx

16 Nov 1993

das efx – Dead Serious Dead Serious

das efx

26 May 1992

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