Jim Jones Capo Capo

Jim Jones

5 Apr 2011

Jim Jones Capo Ringtones!

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The Paper Ft. Chink Santana
The Paper (featuring Chink Santana)
The Paper (Feat. Chink Santana)
Take A Bow Ft. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy And Sen City
Take A Bow (Ft. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy And Sen City)
Take A Bow (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Sen City)
Take A Bow (feat. Lloyd Banks,
Perfect Day Ft. Chink Santana And Logic
Perfect Day (Ft. Chink Santana And Logic)
Perfect Day (feat. Chink Santana & Logic)
Let Me Fly ft Rell
Let Me Fly (Ft. Rell)

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Jim Jones – Capo Life Capo Life

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3 Nov 2010

Jim Jones – Pray IV Reign Pray IV Reign

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24 Mar 2009

Jim Jones – Harlem's American Gangster Harlem's American Gangster

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19 Feb 2008

Jim Jones – Dipset X-Mas Dipset X-Mas

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6 Dec 2006

Jim Jones – Hustlers P.O.M.E. Hustlers P.O.M.E.

Jim Jones

7 Nov 2006

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