Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII

Nobuo Uematsu

10 May 2004

Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VIII Ringtones!

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Waltz for the Moon
Under Her Control
Trust Me
The Winner
The Successor
The Stage Is Set
The Spy
The Oath
The Mission
The Man with the Machine Gun
The Loser
The Landing
The Extreme
The Castle
Succession Of Witches
Slide Show Part 2
Shuffle Or Boogie
Roses and Wine
Ride On
Odeka Ke Chocobo
Never Look Back
Maybe I'm a Lion
Lunatic Pandora
Love Grows
Liberi Fatali
Fragments of Memories
Force your way
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
Find Your Way
Eyes On Me
Ending Theme
Don't Be Afraid
Dance with the Balamb-fish
Compression of Time
Blue Fields
Balamb Garden

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