Yo Gotti Cm5 (White Friday) Cm5 (White Friday)

Yo Gotti

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Track 12
They Don't Want It
Shake Life Feat Starlito
Shake Life (Feat. Starlito)
Black Bill Gates Freestyle
15 - Yo Gotti-Rico
14 - Yo Gotti-Black Bill Gates Freestyle
14 - Yo Gotti-Black Bill Gates
13 - Yo Gotti-Pharmacy
12 - Yo Gotti-What S Wrong With You
12 - What's Wrong With You
11 - Yo Gotti-Upset Feat Starlito

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Yo Gotti – Concealed Concealed

Yo Gotti

19 Jan 2015

Yo Gotti – I Am I Am

Yo Gotti

15 Nov 2013

Yo Gotti – Live from the Kitchen Live from the Kitchen

Yo Gotti

6 Jan 2012

Yo Gotti – Movin' That Charlie Sheen Movin' That Charlie Sheen

Yo Gotti

15 Jun 2011

Yo Gotti – On My Own On My Own

Yo Gotti

17 Feb 2011

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